For more than 20 years, RFG | MPW Industrial Services Facility and Environmental Management Division has provided its customers with World Class Maintenance Performance. RFG | MPW applies a turnkey approach to facility management by partnering with clients to provide on-site cleaning and support services. RFG | MPW applies a consistent methodology when managing facility operations. The following services represent a glimpse of RFG | MPW capabilities:

Facility Support

  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Janitorial & Pest Control
  • Lighting Retrofit
  • Recycling Programs
  • Tier 1 Supplier Management

Commodity Management

  • Chemical Management
  • Filtration Systems
  • Housekeeping Supplies
  • Paint Shop Commodities
  • Store Room Management/MRO

Engineering Services

  • Building HVAC
  • Construction Add-Ins
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Painting/Dry walling
  • Conveyer & Process Equipment Maintenance
  • Welding/Pipefitting

Production Support

  • Intra-Plant Transportation
  • Logistical Tracking
  • Parts Sorting, Sequencing & Kitting
  • Quality Inspections
  • Sub-Assembly
  • Temporary Labor Support

Operations and Maintenance

  • Air Balancing
  • Conveyer Maintenance
  • HVAC Optimization
  • Lubrication & Fluid Filtering
  • Production Area Equipment
  • Project Work
  • RO/DI Water
  • Vibration Analysis

Paint Shop Management

  • Filter Change-Outs
  • Integrated Task Management
  • Mechanical Cleaning
  • Paint & Coating Removal
  • Paint Film Defect Analysis
  • Retention Tank Handling

Analytic Approach

RFG | MPW utilizes an analytic approach to site management by constantly evaluating our key performance indicators and seeking additional opportunities to streamline our customers’ operations. RFG | MPW’s innovative facility management methods reduce customer downtime, improve customer productivity & quality, and minimize operational costs. By establishing on-site offices, customers benefit from our intimate knowledge of their processes and facilities. RFG | MPW is unmatched in its focus on quality and performance. Client facilities include:

Economic Drivers

By selecting RFG | MPW’s Facility Management team, customers benefit from a reduction in operating costs and substantial capital investments. Strategic sourcing allows customers to focus on their core competencies instead of devoting plant resources to determining the best approach to maintenance and cleaning solutions. RFG | MPW enhances customers’ technical capabilities by applying best practices learned through our extensive experience at client sites.

RFG | MPW also improves system reliability by evaluating and documenting current practices and engineering time saving, efficiency improving alternatives for customers. The Facility Management team stringently adheres to a quantifiable performance plan developed according to plant specifications. Each RFG | MPW account undergoes a quarterly evaluation conducted by RFG | MPW management that provides up-to-date customer feedback and fosters communications among the group. Because of our awareness of plant requirements, RFG | MPW can make informed suggestions about what equipment and supplies are unnecessary, which saves customers money.

Quality Control

The Facility Management team uses the procedures required by the ISO 14001 Quality Management Process. These procedures include preparing detailed Work Statements, utilizing an Integrated Task Tracking System and thorough documentation. The Tracking System allows personnel to document details and to build reports such as job completion dates, job performance scales, job safety analysis, personnel name/hours, upcoming service schedules and work orders.

RFG | MPW also requests that customers complete a Job Performance Evaluation, which are provided upon completing new or large projects. The form requests feedback on 15 key points ranging from safety performance to job knowledge & problem solving. Our vast experience translates into increased efficiencies and decreased annual spending.

Combined 65+ years of industrial cleaning experience, RFG | MPW provides the necessary equipment and trained personnel to maximize a safe work environment so that we can deliver a high quality product.